GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

Description organisation

  • GO! is responsible for official education in the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium.
  • It operates independently of the Flemish Minister of Education and is one of the three main educational networks in Flanders.
  • GO! oversees day care centres, nurseries, primary and secondary schools, including technical and professional education institutions, as well as creative and performing arts schools. Additionally, GO! manages adult education centres.
  • Across 773 institutions, GO! develops curricula and provides teacher training, serving approximately 40,000 staff members, 226,850 pupils, and 110,000 adults.
  • The GO! Council, representing staff and parents, ensures equal opportunities for all pupils to discover and develop their talents.
  • This commitment extends to Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), which should be accessible to all secondary school students without extra charges.GO! aspires to expand CLIL to primary schools and adult education centres if future legislation permits.
  • The network also emphasises nurturing outspoken, open-minded, empathic, and critical citizens.In today’s diverse society, these values are crucial for personal growth and intercultural understanding.

Members organisation

Job title(s):
Pedagogical advisor for German and CLIL in secondary education and CLIL coordinator for GO!, education of the Flemish Community.
In this role, Dilys collaborates with various institutions of higher education, organises in-service teacher development training, and provides support to school leaders in the context of internal quality assurance 

More info:
Dilys holds two master’s degrees in languages and a master’s degree in teaching. She is also trained as a headmaster. Since early 2003, she has been working for GO!’s pedagogical advisory service as a pedagogical advisor for English, French, and German. During this time, Dilys has also served as project manager for two of GO!’s major projects: one focused on internal quality assurance and another on inclusive citizenship. These aspects also play a significant role in the intellectual outputs of the “OSCE” project.
Dilys has been a strong advocate for CLIL education in Flanders since 2007 when the Flemish government first allowed certain schools to experiment with CLIL, known as ‘CLIL living labs.’ As a representative for GO!, she actively participates in CLIL steering groups related to new academic surveys. Additionally, Dilys serves as a longstanding jury member and chairwoman for the Flemish European Label for Languages, recognizing innovative and sustainable language projects. Lastly, she contributes her expertise as a jury member of the Flemish CLIL Advisory Board across all educational networks.

Email: dilys.vyncke@g-o.be
Phone: +32 479 677 420

Job title(s):
Jens Vermeersch is policy officer for Internationalisation at GO!, education of the Flemish Community.

More info:
Jens Vermeersch, with a master’s degree in contemporary history. Since 1993, he has adeptly managed numerous European projects, demonstrating his expertise in project management. Jens is intimately familiar with the intricacies of quality control processes, ensuring that projects meet high standards.
His hands-on experience in effective dissemination and exploitation strategies sets him apart. Jens understands how to communicate project outcomes and findings to relevant stakeholders, maximising their impact. Whether it’s crafting compelling reports, organising workshops, or leveraging digital platforms, Jens knows how to get the message across.
In addition to his project management prowess, Jens holds a significant role as the chairperson of the internationalisation committee at VLOR (the Flemish Education Council). His insights into European and global educational trends are invaluable for GO!.

Email: jens.vermeersch@g-o.be
Phone: +32 478 56 57 63

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