OSCE project

With this project we aim for high quality CLIL education. In our ‘one stop shop’ we will offer a whole school approach that supports
• school leaders
• language and internal quality coordinators
• CLIL, language and other teachers
• initial teacher trainers.
For this purpose, we will develop a harmonised set of texts and tools (cf. OSCE outcomes and drops) with regard to curriculum realisation, didactics and pedagogy and quality assurance. We also intend to offer training for the entire school team, school leaders and language and internal quality coordinators included (cf. in-service training). CLIL support in Europe, as it currently exists, lacks this holistic approach.

We focus on primary and lower secondary schools that are already organising CLIL and looking to optimise their curriculum or schools that are actively planning to offer CLIL courses. However, all texts and tools are applicable for higher secondary education as well. Therefore, we believe the outcomes and support will also be beneficial to lecturers at institutions of higher education offering CLIL teacher training.

Last but not least, we hope our “One Stop CLIL Europe project” will help
• make CLIL more accessible and attractive to pupils and teachers
• improve the motivation of pupils to learn foreign languages and engage in intercultural activities
• improve the motivation of teachers to become involved in CLIL and guarantee a higher quality

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